I’ve been trying to do more traditional art lately. I don’t like particularly enjoy colouring in though, and I feel like it probably shows.

This is Skull Captain, a character from a book that I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s not anything Ephemeris-sized, but writing on my own is a lot slower and trickier of a process than writing with Robert; in no small part because I’ve been doing almost exclusively the latter for going on twelve years now.

Speaking of Ephemeris: the proof copy of Part Circle arrived in the post! It’s so weird having the actual book in my hands! It looks so great you guys, justĀ so great. It’s like one you’d buy from a store. Because, well, it straight-up is. There’s still a few last things to alter and fix on it, and then it’ll be ready to go straight into your house for you to hold in your hands and love forever. It won’t be long now! I’ll keep you updated!