It’s been a month since I posted a comic. Phwoof. I’m genuinely really sorry. Let me at least give you a reason.

I’m currently going through divorce, and it’s really bashed me around emotionally (I will be okay, do not worry). We’re parting on the best possible terms and there is no malice between us, and I want nothing but future happiness for her.

But I’ve been unable to draw, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Until Robert said it, that is, and then it seemed incredibly obvious. “Your ability to create art is innately and inextricably linked to your emotions,” he said, when I mentioned this to him after a week of no comics. “You’re currently shutting everything off emotionally until you can deal with it a piece at a time. Of¬†course you can’t draw.”

We’ve still been writing¬†Ephemeris, and I’ve still been working on creative things of some description or another that I can manage, but since I haven’t been drawing, there haven’t been any comics. And I’m not happy about that. Especially since Robert can still write three funny panels, but three panels with no art does not a comic constitute. I need to get back into making some kind of visual art.

Ben suggested that I start experimenting in mediums and styles that I don’t usually work in, as a fresh start and cleansed palette, so to speak, rather than try and get back into what I was doing before. So Robert very kindly agreed to let me post “Zunfa Solo” (no relation) for a while, with the regular comic update schedule. So expect a new… something, twice a week. This one, obviously, is an imitation of the actually inimitable Gigabeetle.