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That’s three Tony Abbotts drawn now and I still can’t decide on a character model for him. If he actually becomes the Prime Minister, I’m screwed.

Operation Sovereign Borders – yes, I’m aware that’s not how military codenames work – is the name of the new plan from the Liberal Party to try and catch up to Kevin Rudd to stop the arrival of asylum seeker vessels. I say name of the plan rather than the plan itself; like many Liberal Party “policies“, what the plan itself actually is remains elusive. Apparently it will involve our military patrolling all our borders and turning boats back, but the mechanics of how have not been made clear. I am going to suggest this ongoing obfuscation is due to the suggestion being, by any definitions, comically implausible, and any attempts to define it more closely would cast more light onto that fact.

For those of you who aren’t Australians, you probably need to watch this commercial from the nineties; it’s like our Got Milk. And while the Twelve Apostles are a fairly safe bet, I don’t know one way or the other how internationally famous Manly Beach and its trees are. (That’s right, we have a beach called Manly Beach. And it’s not a Batman Park situation, either; that beach was literally named after how manly the Aboriginals on it were.) And, oh yeah, our leader of the opposition once set fire to a pair of speedos in a publicity event to try and make him stop wearing them all the time. Yes, that is actually a legitimate sentence I just got to write in reality.

It amuses me that all of Tony Abbott and the Liberals’ rhetoric boils down to one claim, which can be more or less summarised in “we will do a good thing you want, and Labor will not only not do the good thing, they will do a bad thing that will be bad”, regardless of plausibility or reality. It saddens me that there’s a possibility that this type of person could become the leader of the country I live in, though; and it disgusts me that this is happening at the expense of the lives of real people facing hardship.