I tried out a new technique again with the word balloons. One day I’ll figure out how I like them looking.

This is one of those rare comics that’s actually true (apart from the Reichstag fire comic part). Not only are people standing at podiums the most boring things to draw, but I ended up having to draw them all the damn time. I’m not even going to bother linking to some archive comics, just click back and they’ll start assaulting you all on their own. It’s entirely Robert’s fault; of course. He cares only for his disgusting words that cover up my beautiful artwork – and we all know that nobody reads comics for the words. But people at podiums giving press conferences are the easiest way to have a person stand around and spew forth information, and when you satirise the news as an entity, you end up running into this particular set of conditions a lot. It just makes sense. But it’s ungodly dull.

So I put the ultimatum to him: no more podiums, or I walk, and then who’d do the art for the comics? He answered Gigabeetle without hesitating. Man, you’re not supposed to answer that question. That’s like when your significant other asks you which of your friends’ significant others you’d most like to sleep with if you were single. That shit’s toxic.

(That question’s never actually happened to me, incidentally. But pop culture assures me it is most definitely “a thing”.)

I also swore no more auditoriums, not out of any artistic integrity, but just from laziness. Have you seen those things? The Congress setting actually ended up being my own idea, and I didn’t realise what I’d done until I was drawing it. I don’t know the specific type of irony it occupies or the Greek myth it thematically emulates, but I know they’re out there.