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We did a joke about the US government spying on citizens before, but this is off the charts. Well, not in a literal sense; that article actually has a useful chart in it that quantifies precisely how the privacy rules have been broken and how frequently. But, y’know, the fact that a guy has to go and hide in Russia because he revealed this type of information is kind of poor form.

We have, of course, already established Martin and Robert’s weird sex things they like.

The NSA building itself looks really cool; Robert compared it to a microchip on a circuit board and I compared it to the Kaaba. There’s a joke in there about email phishers facing the NSA building from now on, but I can’t quite nail it down inoffensively.

In unrelated news, have you remembered to sign the No McDonald’s in Tecoma petition yet? It’s my local community this is happening to; sign it as a favour to me?