As an understatement, we tend to be critical of Apple. For a more detailed history, please see the first, like, billion strips of our archive.

Even though we swore off doing too many comics about them after we hit a certain saturation point years ago, there’s still plenty to make fun of about Apple. Gizmodo clearly wanted to say something nice in this article, but the only ‘positives’ they could apparently latch onto were “they’ll think of something cool to do with it in the future, maybe,” and “it’s very expensive.” Of course, nothing’s revolutionary until Apple does it, though, so this existing Apple Watch doesn’t count.

Apple being behind the curve is nothing new, as has been said before. Neither is mocking people for not realising it due to Apple’s slick advertising machine… as has been said before ad nauseum. It’s getting harder to tell which group is more annoying, honestly. We figured it’s possible to mock both in the same strip, which surely results in an extra strata of meta-mocking. When you phrase it in those particular words, it sounds like something out of Marvel cosmic.

Besides, there are plenty more important things to call Apple out on, but I guess that stopped being trendy in late 2012. Yes, Apple Lovers and Samsung Mockers (are those NHL teams?) alike: I’m uniting you at last, under the universal umbrella of mutual shame.