The woman in front of me at the supermarket was buying a whole trolley full of huge vinegar bottles along with a few regular groceries. I was really curious, so I asked her what she needed all that vinegar for; she explained that she uses it to clean her floors, sinks, toilets, etc. because it’s much healthier and more effective since vinegar doesn’t contain any chemicals.

I can, from a certain angle, understand the chemical-phobia that so many people have, I guess. But those who go to extremes, based on very thin comprehension of what chemicals actually are, will never stop being hilarious to me.

I tried some new things while inking the comic today. I’m pleased with a few of the results, and not others: but now I have some more ideas for next time. The nice thing about gag-a-day comics is that I have the freedom to mess around with the art on a daily basis and it doesn’t matter. I’ve learned more than ever¬†about making comics and drawing in the last few years making Zunfa Comics, for probably three reasons: one, I have the freedom to experiment like this; two, I’m drawing a minimum of two comics a week no matter what; and three, I try to make sure that even if each comic isn’t better than the last, I at least improve as an cartoonist over the course of making them. Everything that’s happening at the moment has been letting me coast for a bit, and while I’ve certainly been refining what I’m comfortable with, I need to make sure I still try new things that I can’t predict the results of. Otherwise I’ll just coast forever.