I try and make sure Lore and Jane appear as characters whenever they can, because otherwise I’m just drawing two men all the time, and that gets boring pretty quick. Plus, we need more recurring characters than just Martin and Robert. There are only a finite number of variations on the joke of “Martin and Robert are frustrated with each other.”

Lore actually suggested the core of the joke here; the accidental switching couples thing. Thing is, in real life this type of scenario would be wont to happen, except that the real me and Robert would react more like Lore in the comic. Putting these characters that share our names and (originally) our likenesses into scenarios with our friends generates a very different response to¬†us in those situations, and there’s potential laffs in them there hills.

Lore and Jane, as characters, are still pretty much like their real world counterparts. They entered the comic by way of actual direct representation for jokes, as opposed to – let’s be honest – laziness. When we first wrote a comic, we needed characters to discuss the topic. So we wrote two generic people, and I drew them to look like us. Then when they needed names, they got ours. But as we’ve stated before when comic-Martin has been homophobic or comic-Robert has been violent, they never had our personalities. Jane and Lore are far more grounded in reality, unless the joke demands otherwise, so I’m as in the dark as anyone else about how they’ll develop as characters over time.