I wrote the script for the Ghost Detective comics by myself, with no intervention from Robert. Our comic-making process usually involves me sitting back and talking, and let him do the actual writing. Writing solo is not a new experience to me, though: the majority of my writing consists of screen and stageplays, song lyrics, spoken word poetry and yes, like a Starbucks patron, a novel. Through the comic and Ephemeris, you guys get one oddly specific window into my life, and it paints me exclusively as the art monkey (Robert’s phrase) as opposed to a word monkey (my witty retort). Zunfa is the domain of creative projects that I’ve collaborated on with Robert; I compared him letting me write my own comic without him in the main archive of the site to a parent letting their progeny borrow the family car with a strict warning to bring it back by eleven with a full tank.

Anyway, astute readers who are also astute viewers will notice Hamilton’s unique ability to touch ghosts – the ability which forces him to be a Ghost Detective – has apparently run into some kind of problem on this case. Is this his honest reason for resurrecting Clara’s ghost? Or has he got… motives of an ulterior nature!?? (of course he does.)

I’m also just realising now, I could have milked these two pages for way more than I have. That first page? Could have been split into two and it would have totally worked. This page? I could have eked three out of it! I lazily used the front cover as an entire update, so I figure it’s a clean wash.