SPECTRE has been out for a while now. You can legally watch it inside your house, which I think means that statute of limitations on spoilers has expired. I enjoyed it, Robert didn’t; we could probably pick the whole thing apart for hours, because the precise things that I liked about it (ie, that it was Classic James Bond pretending not very hard any more to be Modern Jason Bourne Bond) are the precise things that Robert doesn’t, and I can entirely see why. It’s a the-direction-this-franchise-is-heading-stylistically thing.

But, y’know, this part of the nefarious plot was still a bit silly. And when that’s being said about a Classic James Bond thing, I don’t mean to intentionally quote the comic, but… well.

This is the first comic I’ve drawn in ages, and I actually split doing the art over two days. It’s good to be back into it, though. I always draw a quick warmup sketch before making the comic just to get my hand working, so here are the first two warmups of the year.