So, I guess the annotation wasn’t coming soon. Naturally! Zunfa Comics has been a little thin on the ground lately, but that doesn’t mean that Robert and I haven’t been busy. We’ve both been working on things – did you know that I’m an artist-in-residence at Squishface Studio? Well, over the last week, I made this wonderful calendar featuring Slavoj Žižek for this year’s Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair. It’s all sexy, all sci-fi, all Slavoj, all the time! I did twelve pinups for the calendar, which is why I was stretched so thin for time this week. My next next project (see below) is to establish an online Zunfa store, so I can get such works of pure artisanal beauty as this calendar directly into your hands. (Remember, of course, that Ephemeris: Part Circle is already available to order online, hint-hint.)

I’ve actually done a number of print projects like this recently that haven’t made it onto the web, including a story-based comic strip called Quest Scrombatia: The West Scrombatia Quest, about four friends (a unicorn, a witch, a baby boomer and a silent little daruma doll man) who go on a road trip across the high-fantasy land of West Scrombatia, where they get lost across different dimensional realms and battle judgmental unicorn councils and gremlins with bunged-up noses who sneeze out gods and all sorts of stuff that you’d expect from one of the Ephemeris co-creators. My next project is to figure out how best to bring these print-format comics to the internet; while I’ve been creating a lot of paper recently, I still consider myself at heart a proprietor of jpegs.

The final thing, which I was going to talk about in the previous evaporated annotation, is mental health. I promised Carrie Fisher’s Force-ghost that I’d be open about it, especially if it starts disturbing my work; Robert and I have done some comics about my depression and anxiety before, but I think it’s time to give an update. Without getting into too much detail, I’m doing alright, but obviously not great: when I’m severely depressed, it becomes very difficult for me to draw effectively. That’s not great for a cartoonist with severe depression. But instead, when that’s the case, I pour myself into making videos. I studied film, which taught me everything I know about comic panel composition, but more importantly, it lets me make all sorts of funny dumb shit whenever I get the time. I’d suggest going and subscribing to the Zunfa YouTube channel, and whenever we miss a comic update, going and having a look to see if more videos have appeared. There’s already someone who can use his depression to talk about depression, so I figure I might as well use my depression for what I’ve always used it for, which is to try and make people laugh.