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Robert coined the adage a few days ago: “The only difference between an imageboard poster and a talkback radio caller is forty years.”

I think it’s generally agreed upon that dickishness- ahem, people being afraid of things they don’t understand – is not only a universal but timeless construct. It’s passed down the family line too, quite frequently: when you grow up surrounded by a certain set of repeated ideologies the natural inclination is to assume that they are automatically¬†right, regardless of logic or feelings of nagging doubt.

The defence of it’s-my-opinion is often brought up in debate of contentious issues; all the more so if those issues illicit high emotional stakes. I can’t put it any better than philosophy lecturer Patrick Stokes, so I won’t bother trying to.

I know that people usually read these posts if they want some reference in the comic explained. If you don’t know what we’re referencing when we joke about pony fanfic,¬†you may be better off staying that way.