I mentioned in a comic annotation a while ago that we had many secret projects on the go. This number hasn’t necessarily increased since then, but the workload certainly seems to have. None of our projects are really secret from each other per se; but when you share a significant portion of your creative load with someone, the portions you don’t often get left untold by mistake. You just sort of assume the other person is in on them, but obviously Robert doesn’t live in my head. The real estate is pretty valueless there anyway.

We’ve each got a secret project on the go independent of the other which I think is still too early to talk about in any specific terms, but I’ve got one that’s almost ready to go. There’s a tumblr for it already, but I feel I can share that without giving away too many details. It’s the thing Robert was watching me draw that led to this comic, and it’s currently just a question of getting enough of a buffer before we choose a launch date and start hyping it. Think of this as pre-hype, if you will.

One of the other “secret projects” is another single-issue comic book, the divulgence of which transmogrifimicates it into a “regular project” I suppose. No release date on that yet, but I’m pretty excited about it, which means I am fighting the mad urge to explain the whole thing right now in this comic annotation. More details when I think Robert won’t glare at me disapprovingly for sharing them.

Finally, we’re still planning another thing that will begin production next year. Nothing on that yet either, since it’s truly a secret project, but it’ll be pretty cool. We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, as they say. Pretty much all the kindling must at this point, by volume, be metallic.