This is another one of those rare and beautiful times when I don’t have to write a huge long annotation putting forth my view on a topic, because Bianca O’Neill already did it for me. She used jokes and photos, too!

My friend Jaffit mentioned to me the other day that he doesn’t even read the annotations if they’re more than a paragraph long. What a great vote of support, I’m sure he’ll keep appearing in comics where we don’t make him look like a dick. Although now that I think about it, it has been a while since my last great big annotation – by my count, it was this one about the subversion of the male gaze in Thor. I don’t think they’ve ever reached the heady heights of discussing video games, though.

I wouldn’t mind visiting Palmersaurus, honestly. Like that Flinstones theme park, there’s a certain appeal to be had. The difference is that Bedrock City costs, like, $5.