In reality, Robert and I had both the opposite opinions and the opposite severity of them from the comic characters that share our names. Robert quite likes Comic Neue, and I don’t, but I also don’t feel very strongly about it.

(Full disclosure: I do like Comic Neue Angular, though; it’s amazing what such a small change can make. I think the weird rounded nubs are a large part of what people dislike about Comic Sans to begin with.)

In an interview (jump to 11:45 minutes in), the Comic Neue creator tries to describe Comic Sans, and nails it: “as a font, it looks like it was run over by a tank.” I think people are hard on Comic Sans, though. Its original mission was a pure one; it was designed to emulate the lettering styles of Dave Gibbons and John Costanza. I don’t quite know where it went wrong on that, but… well, in the words of Alan Grant in the cinematic opus Jurassic Park III, “some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.”

The creator of Comic Sans, when describing Comic Neue, was a bit less eloquent, however: according to that same interview, he purportedly just said “it’s shite.”

I think the main problem, and what makes people instinctively boil with inner rage when they see Comic Sans, is that it keeps getting used inappropriately. For example, you proved the existence of the Higgs boson, so really guys? And I don’t think Comic Neue is going to solve that. Either people will just continue using Comic Sans in less than suitable locations, or they’ll start using… this mildly better looking fontĀ in less than suitable locations. There’s no point trying to design an appropriate one for them to use instead; those already exist. (Also: for printing novels, as a special sometimes font unless you’re Wes Anderson.)

I’m one to talk, though. This website’s set in Ariel, the comic copyright info is in Myriad Pro (ironic given our Apple opinions), and god friggin damn have you evenĀ looked at the mess of a font I designed for the comic dialogue?