I actually learned in school that there were six, but since then they’ve dropped it down to four ‘fundamental states’ and continued adding as ‘non-classical states’. Including those, there’s actually, like, thirty-ish states of matter. Man, I wish I’d learned that before writing the comic. It could have been even funnier.

Thing is, brain still automatically wants to count Fermionic and Bose-Einstein condensates as “regular” states of matter. I tell myself that it’s because they’re achieved by temperature change, like the fundamental ones – but there’s the high-energy states which technically are as well, and my brain doesn’t “count” those. The real answer is because it’s what I learned while younger. It’s the same idiocy that drove people to complaining about Pluto being reclassified. I fully realise the irony of this given the content of the comic, and I refuse to allow it. Update yourself, my brain.

That’s the character-Martin’s dad in the comic, incidentally; not my own. My dad does indeed have a moustache, but he doesn’t look or act like that. It does shed some light on why Martin is the way he is, though.