Russia has… well, just look. We’re living in strange new times.

I’d normally draw the game screenshots myself, since, well, this is a cartoon strip and I’m the friggin’ cartoonist, but I was struggling today for a few reasons: my computer was continually slowing down, freezing, and crashing in almost equal measure (it was slowing down hugely, which throws the balance of the three off), and I’ve had a nasty stress headache coming and going all day. I can normally knock out a strip in about ninety minutes; this simple strip was pushing, no joke, four hours. So I had to just call it a day, and make the comic I was capable of making. Thus the slight disconnect between the dialogue descriptions and what we’re looking at.

The title was Robert’s work, and was a reference to this. I could see him rushing to explain the reference to me (as is usually appropriate with something history-based), but I actually knew this one; I was eager to head his explanation off.