And that’s it. I hope you have enjoyed the Fouriad! Now it’s done, remember you can read it straight through in its entirety from here, with only minimal interruptions for second-comic-anniversary-revelry.

Back to regular comics next week! I’ve loved doing story comics for a few weeks, but I’m eager to get back to twice-weekly jokes. A lot of really choice news stories have passed us by for the last five weeks, and we’ve been powerless to do anything about it. “There’s a comic in that,” “There’s at least three comics in that!” “Oh, wait, story.” “This’ll still be topical in three weeks, right?” “I’m going to put my hand on your shoulder and make a glum face now.”

Yes, that’s actually how we talk.

In other news, my solo project Geometrical Safari continues unabated! I am so excited for you guys to see each of the creatures. Sometimes I realize how many of them there are, and it doesn’t really compute with how many I feel like I’ve drawn and written. The actuality is so much vaster than the imagined.