What are those mooncrabs doing?? In the printed comic book the answer was at the top of the opposite page, but you guys have to wait until Wednesday ‘cos you’re cheap.

When Robert and I sat down to write The Catch of the Moon, all I had by way of characters was “young inexperienced guy” and “old jaded guy”. Robert pointed out that was boring and I was inclined to agree with him. He suggested – just flip the stereotypes.

That’s how we ended up with the bitter young guy who’s been doing the job long enough for it to become rote, and the semi-retired work tourist who’s so enthusiastic to be working in space. They’re much better characters. They both have somewhere to potentially go as the result of each other’s influence. I like both of those characters.

The whole concept of work tourism fascinates me. You get to go somewhere you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, in exchange for doing┬ásomething you’ve always wanted to. No wonder so many retirees decide to do it. Granted, they usually work in vineyards or whatever, but if space was an option, you’ve gotta believe I’d be signing up this very second.