Why yes, that is Jane who plays River in Series B.

This comic is true to a degree (regrettably there is yet no spinoff from Beastmaster), which is why Jane got off pretty light in our portrayal of her. It is generally uncharacteristic of our friends’ cameos to retain their genuine personalities.

I feel like the scenario depicted here is true for most writers; at least it is for me and Robert – and Jane, and Lore. Amber I can’t speak for since she writes all her columns while squirrelled up in her squalid gay love nest away from my prying eyes. But generally, when we set out to write something, we end up writing many things. Other things. Things that aren’t as time critical. I remember when what Robert and I did was write a comic; now we apparently write a webnovel, three webseries (two still in development), single-issue comic books, individual forthcoming novels and a couple of plays.

When you write it all out like that it seems obvious that I’d be busy; yet apparently I still allocate a significant portion of my brain on trying to figure out why I don’t seem to have any damn time these days.

You can listen to this comic’s creation here!