Andrew has done a lot of work on over the years. Like, a lot a lot. He built all of the templates and layouts for Zunfa Comics as well as Ephemeris, and also painstakingly taught me to use the uploader thing I’m using right now. He argued a bunch of visual design stuff against my ideas that I wanted him to make, and he was right. Basically, if it looks crap or ugly, it’s probably something I insisted on.

He also did a gigantic amount of work trying to set up the multisite, back when we were trying to make a central hub for multiple contributors. I don’t think that idea ever officially ended – I know we haven’t updated the About page recently – and the vestiges of it can be seen in various places all over the site. It never really worked properly, but hot damn did he put in a lot of energy fixing it whenever it broke.

He also does a lot of animation, and it’s pretty damn amazing. I’m completely unqualified to talk about it, but it looks like something that walked out of a Dreamworks film to me.

Anyway here he is pooping out Walt Disney, in possibly my favourite panel I’ve ever drawn.

As a sidenote, the art in panel one is basically the look I’ve always imagined for Zunfa Comics. Now watch as I never quite replicate that style of linework again because I said that.