Today’s annotation is by Robert:

Martin and I are equally baffled by the fact that Genysis is being made by Alan Taylor, a guy who’s directed some pretty decent stuff in the past. Both of us loved Thor: The Dark World, and while Martin is the A Song of Ice and Fire buff, I am generally aware that Game of Thrones is a Popular Thing.

It is no doubt thanks to that Popular Thing that Sarah Connor is now played by Emilia Clarke, who often stands out as a fan-favourite amongst Game of Thrones’ twelve million characters. Is it an apt casting choice, though? The answer is ‘ehhh, kind of?’, and that is not only my opinion on the rest of the cast, but also the whole deal in general. Terminator hasn’t been gone long enough to be forgotten, but nor has it been here long enough to be current. There comes a point when there’s no point anymore, and Terminator: Genysis is a very expensive way of proving that.

There’s a saying: you can’t go home again. But home isn’t a place that you go to, it’s an emotion you feel. Nostalgia is what happens when you see something that used to trigger home in you, and a lot of old stories come back with the gamble that they’re still good for a few home triggerings. It’s more than the name Terminator or Terminator 2, it’s the sensation of ‘Terminator 2’ – but that’s no easy ghost to chase, let alone persuade to possess the spry-looking new body they’ve whipped up. I fear the shamans of film here haven’t whispered the sacred words quite right, and we might get less of a rebirth and more of a horrific, demon-filled wraith, barking with a million clashing voices. It may turn out to be good, but the sheep entrails aren’t spelling things that way.