A little while ago, I organised an 8-hour comics day at De La Salle College to give some comics-oriented art students a taste of what it’s like to be a cartoonist in the Melbourne comics scene – by hanging out and drawing with some cartoonists. Joining me were Ben Michael Byrne of Kranburn fame, and the inimitable Ben Hutchings from Squishface Studio (you can read his 8-page comic here, although he got carried away and did nine.)

The day ran like a shortened 24-hour comics day, with everyone drawing an 8-page comic in 8 hours. The three keywords (chosen from a selection of fifty nouns, verbs and adjectives) pulled blindly out of a hat by the students were “Candy,” “Graffiti,” and “Disappointment.”

Hopefully you won’t be “disappointed” with my 8-page comic, do ho ho! This is the type of thing I produce when Robert is not around to reign me in.