Last friday, Lore and I went to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular (we are both big Doctor Who nerds, just in case you hadn’t noticed), and due to her musical acumen and superhuman networking skills, we got to meet Ben Foster afterwards. In reality* I was really excited to meet him (seriously, just go listen to this), and so I drew a poster print of him conducting to give to him.

Turns out, Ben Foster collects original art from the Dandy! I grew up on Beano and the Dandy, so this was really cool to me. He actually told me which specific Dandy artist he collects, but i was excited at the time and i forgot sorry ben

While heading over to him after the show, Lore and I had to make our way through a crowd of people (it was a pretty tight space). I was trying to politely push past someone, when I realised it was Peter Davison. We discussed the ‘could-the-Doctor-regenerate-into-a-woman’ debate, and I might have slipped a Series B business card into his pocket. I was so very subtle about it though, because no of course I wasn’t subtle at all.

We did agree that regardless of your stance on a female Doctor, surely we’re long overdue for another Doctor Who spinoff, come on BBC we’re all thinking it.

Here’s (a low-res version of) the art I drew for Ben, by the way:


* Usual disclaimer, the comic characters are nothing like us in reality; we would be horrible people if they were (although perhaps a little funnier). It just makes things interesting when they interact with real-life people who we’ve interacted with.