And that’s the last Society Squad strip!

While I don’t have any specific plans to revisit these characters, I really liked writing and drawing them, so if I think of another good reason to use them – and trust me, I’ll be trying to – expect to see them sometime again.

Something I knew I didn’t want to ever show was a proper superhero fight scene. (I figure you can forgive the last panel, though, as they’re just leaping in and it’s a nice group shot and resolution. Plus, you finally see why Captain Mormon has that visor thing.) There’s loads of comics showing superheroes punching each other, and I don’t need to add to that stack. There’s also a lot showing superheroes using their powers for silly things in their downtime. What I thought would be funny was to show superheroes doing clerical superhero work. I mean, at some point, they had to have a round-table discussion about the name ‘Justice League’, right? Did Batman have to register their URL? What sort of paperwork do they have to file?

I want more comics about superheroes doing their paperwork.

A specksynder was a position on a whaling ship, and was already considered archaic when Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick. Being completely outdated and irrelevant even by his own time, Melville only dedicated one entire chapter to explaining it in minute detail. (I’m just joking; read the unabridged version.) In fact, he could have plum made it up for all I know; I’ve never heard the word used outside of that novel.