Apologies for – shit, almost a month without comics. Good (bad?) news is that the previous strip stayed pretty much relevant for that entire time. My computer stopped working and wouldn’t start again, and I had to take it into the Mac store to have it looked at: they opened up the case, and it was mysteriously covered with a sticky acidic liquid that had gotten in and gone everywhere in huge quantities, eaten through all the machinery, and been burned into black goop on all the boards by the computer heat. I was at a loss; I don’t even drink soda while I’m working.

Turns out that my mum was making cordial out of lemons from her backyard, my laptop was on the kitchen bench, and the handle broke off the jug as she picked it up and two litres of undiluted lemon juice and sugar went all over the computer. But she mopped it up, so it was probably fine, right!

Anyway, I’ve got a new computer now, and luckily my hard drive was an ancient non-solid-state thing that was able to be cleaned and put into the new machine, so it’s exactly the same as the original (with a couple of minor hardware compatibility issues I’m figuring out).

Perhaps ironically, then, now that I can finally draw comics, monday’s comic will probably be late because I’ll be interstate over the weekend. Bye!