There’s no comic today, and I apologise. I’ve been grappling with a deep depressive state lately (I’ll be fine, I’ve been dealing with depression since I was a kid) and it killed my ability to draw a comic on time. This is the first missed update in ages, which is either impressive or sucks, depending on one’s viewpoint. Anyway, instead, here are some pictures from my sketchbook. (Click the thumbnails for pictures.)

The sketchbook is a place to practice things, develop new ideas, and just play without any deadlines or audience. I also try and draw something quickly in my sketchbook before sitting down to draw the comic, because I’ve found it really frees up my hand, in both the literal physical sense and the more existential sense of getting my vaguely defined drawing faculties ‘into gear’.

sketchbook001 sketchbook002 sketchbook004

There’s a lot of Space Dan and Aleya, because a) they’re my favourite characters, and b) they’re very easy to draw while still being fun. Sometimes I doodle a little tiny Space Dan, only about an inch or so high, while I’m thinking.

sketchbook008 sketchbook007


Lore is my favourite person to draw, but I’m never quite happy with my cartoon of her. In real life she has quite pronounced cheekbones, and you can see in these drawings I tried adding them to her character model.

sketchbook005 sketchbook006


Here’s Robert and Hibiya, among other things.



Finally, a little while ago I was left alone in a room with a laminator, so I quickly scribbled this Ephemeris bookmark, cut it out and laminated it. Which now really annoys me because I got a bunch of the details wrong and am thoroughly unable to fix them, trapped in a plastic prison of my own design.



Regular comic strips will resume on monday, I promise.