Zunfa Comics

Zunfa Comics is a three-panel humour strip written by Robert J. Camp and Martin Nixon, and drawn by the latter. It ostensibly makes fun of what’s making the news headlines, but often diverts into films or events from the authors’ lives. In effect, sometimes it’s satire about the tensions between North and South Korea, and sometimes it’s jokes about butts. If Martin had his way, every comic would just be three panels of people pulling funny faces.
It updates on Mondays and Fridays.



Ephemeris is an ongoing epic science fiction comedy novel, written by Robert J. Camp and Martin Nixon. Its plot is long and winding, fed to the reader in slow drips, but its action scenes, characters and jokes are many and frequent. If you enjoy things like Hitchhiker’s Guide, Red Dwarf or Thomas Pynchon, you might just enjoy Ephemeris.
It updates with a new chapter on the first Wednesday of every month.



The Zunfa YouTube channel features a variety of content, primarily produced by Martin Nixon. Shows include Movie Mart, where Martin discusses the art of cinema; Nix-Flix, short comedy animations; Pyjama Couch, where two people sit on a couch and play nostalgic videogames in their pyjamas; Tea For Tube, satirical online reviews of different types of tea; and Pick Up & Play, where Martin performs comedy reviews of old videogames as someone who sucks at videogames. It all updates extremely sporadically.



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Ever wondered what Martin and Robert were writing before Ephemeris? The book they wrote way back in high school is now online for your viewing. Try your hardest to enjoy The Next Great Australian Novel.

Concoction Hilaricast

The Zunfa Comics Concoction Hilaricast was a podcast that showed the raw and unedited writing process that Martin and Robert went through when writing comics. Though now retired, the podcast remains a curious part of the comic’s history.

Team Zunfa

Martin Nixon
Martin Nixon is a Ledger Award-winning* cartoonist who lives in Melbourne with his parrot, Peeko, and puts up with all the hipsters because he likes their music. He has a film degree from the Victorian College of the Arts, and has made several short films. This one time, Robert accidentally broke Martin’s hand with a tennis racket and it really hurt.

Robert J. Camp
Robert J. Camp has known Martin for well over a decade and still works with him, which probably says something. He has a degree in history, and lives in Japan. He also has plans to release works of fiction as a solo author, although given his lacklustre update schedule when writing on his own, he strongly urges that nobody hold their breath.

Andrew Dunkerly
Andrew Dunkerly is the grand high webmaster of Zunfa.net, which means that everything you’re looking at right now? Directly the result of his ongoing efforts to make things presentable. He not only did all the nice looking parts of the site design (all the ugly bits can be blamed on Martin’s editorial mandates), but he built the whole damn thing with his own bare hands (and a keyboard). He is also an accomplished animator, 3D designer, and musician. If Martin and Robert are the heart of Team Zunfa, Andrew is surely the brain.

* “Squishzine Brunstown“, 2015.