I never really understood shipping in the fandom sense of the idea.

I tend to look at things from a more abstract position: I like seeing how individual elements fit together to shape their overall narrative, and characters and their relationships are just more cogs in that storytelling machine to me. Unless the subtext between characters is accidental, or characters suddenly start being written out of character, I am happy to assume that the Grand Arbiter of the Story (showrunner, author, artist, writer etc) will take them through their logical permutations. Otherwise, why try and fix a machine that’s already working? In the engineering industry, that is generally referred to as ‘breaking’ it.

But, Robert actually explained it to me in a way that suddenly made sense. Imagine that events did transpire in such a way as to lead characters down a certain path and into a relationship – how fascinating would the journey down that path be to witness? And the aftermath of arriving at the end of the path? The machine/path metaphors break down here, but the idea has already been conveyed. Alternate universes where the only difference is what-iffed romantical feelings? That sounds pretty cool. Count me in.

I don’t know if that’s how other people see it, but regardless, I can now understand the appeal.

In other news, Part Circle of Ephemeris has just concluded! I am pretty excited to have finished the first book and I am even more excited about where it’s going next. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. I honestly think you will.

Also, I really hope the joke here doesn’t come off as “hurr gay”. It’s meant to come off as “is my otp canon now rrrrrgh”