Rush Limbaugh is claiming the polar vortex isn’t real, and is just made up by the media. Because of course he is. (This is also why the proper term for it is “climate change,” and not “global warming.”)

Rush Limbaugh also has an interesting history with his Reagan revisionism, despite his professed admiration of the man. As often pointed out, people try and revise the history of Jesus all the time to fit their own personal biases and liturgies, but at least there’s a two thousand year buffer on that information. Limbaugh’s revisions of Reagan are more impressive, if anything. There’s only a twenty year gap there! And, y’know, videos of Reagan saying those things. And a lot of statistical analysis.

In fact, there’s been a longer gap between both Star Wars and The Shining, which I will link to for the uncouth and uncultured.