This is, perhaps, unsettling news.

Let me make this incredibly clear, even though we tried to be absolutely crystal in the first panel of the comic itself: this is mocking Daesh/ISIS, not Islam. Most Muslims are not terrorists, not by a long shot, and even the majority of terrorists are not Muslims. Yes, radicalised Islam is a terrifying threat, but they’re a threat to everyone who isn’t radicalised Islam – and that includes ordinary Muslims. Who do people think Daesh have been slaughtering in the Middle East for having different religious views?

The last panel, I should point out, has some particularly confronting gags in it. This comic’s topic is not funny, and the comic should make you feel uncomfortable as a result. Good satire should not be comforting, though it should always punch up, and I hope this does. I feel like Zunfa Comics has stayed “safe” for a while now, with jokes about pop culture and videogames; back in the proverbial day, when this comic was about “what’s making the news,” it used to have fucking teeth.