I’ve told this story already; I think on tumblr? But here feels like a good place to reiterate it.

A little while ago, I made the empty threat to Robert that if I went on strike, who would spin the art to make his precious words into comics then? And he just whispered back, without a moment’s hesitation, “Gigabeetle.

Me: Robert, you’re not supposed to actually answer that! It’s meant to be a trick question to get you into trouble, like your significant other asking which of your friends’ significant others you’d sleep with if you were all single!

I’ve never actually had that question, but sitcoms assure me it has cultural currency.

Anyway, Gigabeetle does photo comics with Kamen Riders; they are possibly the funniest thing you will see on the internet. He’s drawn guest strips for us before, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a Rider comic. I laughed so hard when I saw this. It’s a pretty safe bet, but I hope you did too.