My new comic book, Quest Scrombatia: The West Scrombatia Quest is available now!


It’s about a unicorn, a witch, a daruma-doll and a baby boomer, who go on a road trip across a fantasy landscape of swords and sorcery. But they’re in, like, a regular real-world car. Then everything goes wrong.

The page I’ve shown above depicts the characters Unicorn and Doctor Outline approaching the great mountain of the land of the unicorns, known as the Mattercorn, which they’ve been ordered to scale by the Unicorn Council. You wouldn’t know it from that page, but there’s heaps of action sequences, bizarre alternate realms that they have to travel between, and jokes about how horrible it is when you’re forced to use petrol station restrooms. Robert describes it as “good.”

Quest Scrombatia will have you laughing, crying, and saying “wow, that’s a lot of snot for one panel,” and all ninety hilarious pages can be yours right now for only $8.99 from this link. Get on it.