We’ve done comics about Martin vomiting all over Robert before. …I’m not sure whether I’m proud or disappointed that I live in a world, which I helped make happen, where I can type that sentence.

Also, I did an illustration for a chapter of my friend Suri’s novel! It’s a collection of individual short stories that, when read together, tell an adventure mystery set in an MMO. Think Ready Player One meets .hack//, without the cyberpunk dystopia. It’s completely rad and I fully recommend you check it out!

I’ve been really sick this last week or so, though. That’s also happened before. Robert had to come to my house and we wrote the comic in my bedroom, while I was propped up in bed. You won’t be able to hear it on the podcast, but I had to have a huge nap afterwards while he wrote the newspost for the anime papal history comic. (Shippers, start your engines.)

Sometimes I am reminded of what a strange thing it is that I get to do with my life. In the last three strips we’ve gone from religion to politics to bodily functions. I feel like this might be proportionally representative of our output, not only as peddlers of comics but as members of the human race.