You can listen to this comic’s creation here!


I usually export the comic to a .PNG file which I then resize and save as a .JPEG, but ironically this comic, being hand drawn and scanned, never saw its gentle detail-preserving touch. Also, there might be hand drawn comics for a few weeks. We’ll see how things pan out.

Cleverer people than me have already written about the PNG “solution”, so I’m not going to go into a lengthy diatribe about it here. I did go into a lengthy diatribe about it while Robert and I were writing, though; so that’s something to look forward to this friday. If you’re reading this in the future, I guess that last sentence sounds a bit weird now.

I will say this, though. Nobody’s denying that it’s a stroke of political genius in terms of pulling the rug out from underneath Tony Abbott’s “stop the boats” rhetoric. And while I’m sure it’s completely unintentional, I can actually see the scraps of a good idea lodged in the PNG solution. If we’re too frightened and bigoted to take refugees, sending them to a country where they could actually do a lot of good doesn’t sound like such a bad second choice. But of course the problem is, as it always is, reality. Papua New Guinea’s society is less likely to be changed for the better by the addition of people who have grown up outside of it as it is likely to turn on them with the same (or less) empathy we extend, as a nation, to those seeking asylum. That sentence is a bit hard to navigate, so I’ll also phrase it this way: their shit’s gonna get fucked up.

It’s like I said about the Xbox One debacle: any nugget of a good idea has since been shoved to the bottom and thoroughly beaten out. The difference here is that I don’t think the good idea was originally even supposed to be a part of the finished product. The other difference is that here we’re not talking about video games; we’re unfortunately talking about real people’s entire lives. I wish we could get the same level of infuriation about the latter as we did the former.