That’s probably one of our longest-delayed callbacks.

I mentioned before that TASM2 was, apparently, really torn to shreds in the cutting room, and it shows. There’s a few moments in the movie where characters get from one place to another without any sense to how they managed it, and it’s really jarring/unintentionally funny in a couple of scenes.

The stupidest is the opening with Richard Parker, lovingly rendered here in panel 1. We are shown all the lab doors closing and locking when the alarms go off after he destroys Oscorp’s research (dude, what did you think was gonna happen?). Then the next shot we see is… him casually walking down the front steps of the building and away. Somehow.

As for the Gwen in the supply closet thing, she even mentions to Peter how lame a hiding place it is. But no amount of lampshading can undo the… frankly astonishing choice made by the set designers, to give the closet huge visible gaps in the middle of the door. Sure, it lets Gwen and Peter see the security guard clearly, but… well I guess he can’t see them back because that’s what it says in the script.