More spoilers to follow.

All of the Stacy family deaths manage to be about Peter, somehow. It’s most egregious when Gwen has to comfort Peter over… her own father’s death. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have the emotions he does, but they forgot that, y’know, her dad died. Because they wouldn’t be plot-relevant, she just doesn’t have any emotions about it. Writing!

It’s a little weird again, but not as much, in the ending after Gwen’s death. He’s so cut up about it, which makes sense. If only he had someone he could talk about it with! Like, I dunno, some sort of family Gwen might have had.

I guess Peter might have just realised that he’s always bad news for those guys, though.

And this is the last of the TASM2 comics! It feels weird, I know. We could probably do comics about these movies forever, but it’s been a few weeks and we wanna take the proverbial piss out of other stuff.