Update: We’re back.

As you might be aware, Robert and I put Ephemeris on hiatus while I got married, had my honeymoon, and Robert moved house. Well, we had kind of an ulterior motive, too: we wanted to figure out a new update schedule, and I’ll tell you why.

We figured the end of Part Line: Act II was a good place to pause things, because it’s pretty much the exact midpoint of Ephemeris as a whole. I did a wordcount of every chapter, and we’ve written over a quarter million words without taking a break. For comparison, most novels are around eighty-thousand words in total. We’ve written extensive notes over the years, but honestly: keeping track of a story and universe the size, scope and complexity of Ephemeris is exhausting. It’s fantastic and rewarding and fun to write, but it’s still exhausting nonetheless. Plus, we wanna work on other side projects, too. We’ve had some things in the pipeline for years, bursting to get out.

So, the new update schedule is to publish one chapter a month. This will give us time to write without rushing, keep track of what we’re doing without over-stressing ourselves, and still advance the book in a timely and consistent manner. (And, who knows, potentially produce some extra content for the site – but that’s a newspost for a different day.)

I figure it’s not spoilers to break down the rest of the book’s structure, like a contents page, at this point. It’s second nature to us by now, and if anything, the foreknowledge should just enhance the reading experience. The part and act headings are:

Part Circle
Part Line: Act I
Part Line: Act II
Part Line: Act III
Part Triangle: Act I
Part Triangle: Act II
Part Triangle: Act III
Part Square

There’s a nice cyclicality about it, I think, even if the print versions are going to publish Part Line: Act I as its own physical volume due to overall length. How they’re split up for printing doesn’t really matter; like Lord of the Rings, it is, after all, one single novel.

We’ll see you on the first wednesday of every month.