GURPS for the rest of you.

Obviously, the legislation is fantastic news; while there are possibly more pressing issues in the queer community than marriage equality, it’s still a historic landmark and a massive stride forwards. Before we get back to business combating homophobia in its myriad other forms, I think we’re justified in taking a brief moment to celebrate the victory.

Though there are certain other more flippant considerations.

The comic’s joke stems from the fact that nobody Robert and I know seems to have a clear understanding of precisely what the legislation is or says. It comes off a bit like art, or pornography; everybody understands what it means, but nobody can wrangle out the details. Does this legislation cover trans and nonbinary people, or only same-sex male and female couples? How does it relate to the established laws in each state, and how marriage certificates are issued and records kept? What does it mean for spousal rights in states where they’re incidentally defined specifically as a husband and wife, due to legal dogma? Nobody seems to quite have the answer, and all the news sites are too rapt both with and by the news to bother getting into any analysis of it yet. But I’m sure it’s soon to come.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, our Supreme Leader the Hon. Sneeple Lizardman has dismissed it out of hand, because he is determined to time-travel us back to the 1950s, like a nefarious and homophobic Marty McFly. I suppose it’s just a matter of time.