First of all, I legit apologise to anyone out there named Mary J Nicholls. I needed a generic name for the joke to work; I used this site, and yours was about the third result.

Cybersquatting is, of course, illegal in most countries, but enforcing that is… tricky, to say the least. Most of the people who do it host everything overseas in places like Africa, even if in all likelihood they might be living down the road from you.

Of course, this comic was inspired by someone squatting a URL I wanted. My favourite part of their hyper-defensive email back to me was:

“We too are completely against cybersquatting… I wonder if a Ferrari dealer ever gets accused of car squatting because he won’t hand one over for $200?”

I’d try and unpack the thought process there, but I’m too distracted by the phrase “car squatting.” We both know what that sounds like. It’s poetry to my ears.

Car squatting.