We’re not even joking! Well, we are about the titles; as far as I assume, the video is probably just called “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story HD Blu-ray” or something like that. But the Blu-ray was truly leaked early onto the internet, and the person responsible did indeed do so by posting the entire movie to PornHub.

PornHub have been doing a lot of great stuff recently. It would just be great if they’d stop allowing content stolen from independent sex workers, who are often among the most vulnerable people and who need the money from selling their content far more than PornHub needs that extra bit of ad revenue. It’s no different than if someone posted all the Zunfa Comics strips on their site and plastered ads all over them without asking me and Robert.

Oh, yeah, I should explain the pixel art. I wanted to do a comic in pixel art. That’s the explanation.