We both know you’re too lazy to type it in to check for yourself.

The AYCC pretty much summarised the entire Greg Hunt and Wikipedia thing in this handy image, but if you want a more in-depth (aka: slightly longer) discourse on it, we’ve got you covered. We all pulled the “cite Google Images as a source” thing when we were students, of course; we were lucky enough to be in high school when the dot com boom happened. Nowadays, as a digital artist on the internet, I’m a little more judicious. And at least I always cite what the comic’s satirising in these newsposts.

For once, the mouseover text needs its own citation as well: the other issue about Australian politicians at the moment is their blasé treatment of taxpayer money when it comes to personal travel expenses.

We wanted to have Greg Hunt eating ramen in there too, but we couldn’t fit it. Alas.