This is stylistically somewhat of a departure from the usual Zunfa Comics fare, but don’t worry, the strip will be back to normal on friday. Robert and I have run little series of comics here beforehand (The Catch of the Moon, Sweet TagThe Fouriad, Society SquadLife on Sticks, and The Residual), but not for a while; this is something I drew to test out a drawing style for a much longer project.

This whole strip was originally presented as three pages, and it’s a transcript of a conversation I had with my mother more or less verbatim. She is an interesting woman, and to try and go into greater detail would be to do her a disservice.

You can always follow me on instagram if you want to see more of this type of artwork; all the stuff that I draw at Squishface Studio goes there, as does all the preparatory work for the graphic novel I’ve written, a horror-drama named Vordalak. (All my writing foibles can be found on my twitter; geez, I’m getting advertising mileage out of the annotation tonight.)

The dual-life between digital drawings and traditional drawings is a strange one, at least as far as I’m concerned. I’m balancing one leg on the wobbling log of traditional artwork, trying to keep it afloat, while the other leg’s on the jetty of this website that Robert is madly keeping together beneath my foot with the hammer and nail of words.

And while I’m at it with the self-promotion, don’t forget that you can order a copy of Ephemeris from the link above the strip.