There’s a new controller coming out for the Xbox One, specifically for use with Mortal Kombat X. And it looks like some idiot on Geocities designed it in 1998. It’s large, bulky, lopsided, missing half the actual controls and looks generally unwieldy. It’s like they unlearned their lesson.

I understand that it’s meant to be like an arcade stick, but, y’know, that’s why we have arcade sticks. The problem with regular controllers for arcade fighting games isn’t that they don’t have big flat buttons; it’s that analogue sticks and thumbs are ill-suited to the kinds of manoeuvres you need joysticks and wrists for. I suppose you could balance the controller on your knee and grip the analogue stick awkwardly in your meaty left paw, but again… arcade sticks, y’know, exist. Or they could just be trying to cater to the three-armed gaming community; they wouldn’t be the first.

Who knows: maybe it’ll be an amazing piece of technology and I’ll be proven wrong. I suck at fighting games anyway.

To be fair, there’s a nigh-identical version coming out for the PS4, but we couldn’t well have both company heads in panel 3. We got them in the alt text instead.