This one.

This is a strip that’s been kicking around in our heads for a long, long time now. It’s not that it was difficult to pin down the joke or anything – this is the kind of self-aware pseudononsense that apparently just flows out of us – we actually typed out the script so long ago that we’ve had to update which strip the characters are referring to more than once. It’s just that we’ve consistently not needed to dip into the file of script-buffer, where we plonk any jokes that won’t visibly age for later use.

It was also a) weird and b) fun to draw me and Robert in a comic; that is, as opposed to Martin and Robert, the comic characters who happen to share our names.* I keep telling you they don’t even look like us any more! That we gave them our names and sometimes events from our lives is cause for the constant mistake, though, I guess. It’s still always the first thing anybody asks, though. I’ve resigned myself to it; worse things happen at sea.

I do actually have Martin’s triangle tattoo on my shoulder, but he didn’t get the tattoos that I’ve gone on to accumulate since then (though he has gained a few that I haven’t). Whether or not I’ve kept filling in more and more of my arm solely to distance myself visually from my namesake I leave as an exercise to the reader.

*We were lazy back in 2012. What can I say.