The Story Continues


Norman Warren sat in his Robotic Death Cave, and contemplated killing everything that lived, ultimate destruction of the universe and what he might like for his dinner. After a while, he picked up his piece of paper. The paper had square markings on it, some of them white and some of them black. There was a list of instructions next to them, telling the operator of the piece of paper what to do with it. The white squares had numbers that related to the instructions on the side, and they did this by linking the two in a logical order. One only had to finish placing the correct symbols inside the white squares as instructed by the instructions to win. He stared uncomprehendingly at the instruction, A sore flower 4, for a few uneventful minutes, before he put the symbols r, o, s and e down in the corresponding white squares.

“Now to take over Australia!” he said, as he put down his crossword.

“Computer! Activate the RDC’s (Norman’s slang for Robotic Death Cave) electro-defence-anti-burglar-sizmo-mega-slorta-matic! I’m going to the shops for some groceries!”

“Groceries?” asked the computer, stifling laughter, which is very hard for a computer to do as it is near impossible for them to laugh in the first place. In fact, it is actually impossible for a computer to laugh because they have no emotions, but the computer in the RDC was the exception.

“Yeah,” said Norman, “really evil ones though!” he added for effect.

He left the cave in his Normanwarrenmobile (He didn’t have much imagination) and sped down to the shops. He decided that he wanted take-away for dinner.