The Next Great Australian Novel (or TNGAN for short) is a novella Robert and I wrote when we were both fourteen. Keeping that in mind, I think it holds up pretty well, and a lot of the jokes still make me laugh. It’s a spiritual prequel to Ephemeris in many ways, and features the first appearance of EVIL CAR (who I made up when I was a kid).


Chapter One: A New Beginning
Chapter Two: A Fresh Start
Chapter Three: The Story Continues
Chapter Four: The Really Short Chapter
Chapter Five: Jack Gets Obligatory Superpowers
Chapter Six: Mister Jack Goes To Canberra
Chapter Seven: We Cut Back To Norman For A While
Chapter Eight: Hitting Rock Bottom And Starting To Dig
Chapter Nine: The End Of The Beginning Of The Middle
Chapter Ten: The Tenth Chapter
Chapter Eleven: We Write Some Unrelated Junk And Generally Mess Around For A While
Chapter Twelve: We Put More Words On The Page For Your Entertainment
Chapter Thirteen: Lord Of The Ribs: The Fellowship Of The Afternoon Roast
Chapter Fourteen: A New Hero We Don’t Really Need
Chapter Fifteen: The Final Chapter In Which We Put A Whole Load Of Shelved Jokes