They made Revoltechs of pretty much all conceivable versions of Gurren Lagann, except for Lagann individually. Which was annoying to me, because Lagann is my favourite of all the show’s Ganmen! Well, it’s actually a tie between Lagann and King Kittan. Which also didn’t get a Revoltech! They kept on shafting me!

(If you haven’t seen Gurren Lagann, that paragraph must sound at least 60% gibberish by volume. If you haven’t seen it, actually, go and watch it now. The whole thing. This review will still be here when you get back, and I won’t have to worry about spoilers.)

I eventually ended up with one of the Ichiban Kuji King Kittan figures, and was resigned to pining after one of my holy grails of toy collecting: Konami’s Impact Model Lagann. Yes, that Konami. I automatically associate Konami with videogames because I am filthy gaijin, but in Japan they’re equally known for making action figures. Long story short obviously I eventually ended up with one since I’m writing this review, and hot damn, it’s one of my favourite toys I own.

Lagann is super-well articulated, but of special note his shoulderplates can pop out and be swung around for more aesthetically pleasing positions when you pose him. He also has little round useless knee joints that I get endless satisfaction from swiveling back and forth. The sculpt is just ace and the whole figure looks spot-on.

The interior of Lagann’s cockpit is recreated in loving detail as well. The control handles have a restricted range of movement because of the arm/ear socket things, but I can’t imagine a scenario when you’d usefully want to move them back past there anyway. They’ve got enough movement for any of Simon’s more dynamic poses, plus you can angle them back and forth. There’s even a tiny little core drill handle in the middle of the spiral energy gauge. It’s fantastic.

Simon! Get in the f**king robot!

The figure of Simon is actually pretty great on its own! My only wishes for anything more on this entire toy come from Simon, though: I wish they’d given him articulated legs. The odds of us getting Revoltechs or Figmas or anything elses of Simon or Kamina are next to zero (there’s always more money in the Yoko well to be had first!), so this is probably the closest we’ll ever get. And he’s really well painted and sculpted, in scale with most 1/12 figures, and his upper body is actually really nicely articulated! But his legs are a single piece, frozen in a seated position. Robert pointed out that, if anything, it ups his fun value because it forces you to be more specific in the funny poses you can get out of him, and he’s kind of right. Although the balljoint holding his legs to his torso is very easy to pop in and out. Hmm. Maybe I can kitbash a removable set of legs – how tall is the Gon figma, I wonder? I also wish Simon had another choice of facial expressions – nervous early-episodes Simon is fine, but clashes a bit when I want to pose him and Lagann doing something later-episodes heroic. But that’s a pretty minor complaint, all things considered.

Lagann himself comes with an alternate face pulling the best expression ever. You can also swap his hands (open-palms as well as fists) and forehead out with drills, and put his weird brain bandage skullcap thing on (it even fits with Simon still inside, which is neat for reasons I can’t explain because they don’t make much sense, since you can’t see him in there). The stand Lagann comes with is also kind of awesome, since it can be popped apart and reassembled at any angle or direction and supports his weight in any pose you can dream up while still looking professional and mantelpiece-display-quality.

Manly combining! Together, we are a single detective!

I can’t recommend this toy enough. If you want a really good figure of Lagann… well, your pickings are pretty slim from the beginning. But by any standards, this figure’s just excellent. If you see one at a price you can afford, and you are as disappointed with the lack of a Revoltech Lagann as I was, this thing is going to blow your damn mind.

If I don’t find a fanfic to this effect I will be so disappointed in you, internet