I’ll be honest, I only bought this Professor X toy for the wheelchair. It’s awesome. It has four little wheels hidden underneath it so it rolls really smoothly, but the two visible wheels touch the ground so they still spin as well (OMG!). I can’t quite tell what sort of plastic the rims are made out of on those wheels – one minute it feels like regular plastic but textured, and the next it feels like the soft plastic they used to make Hot Wheels cars’ tires out of. They use the same whatever-it-is on the chair seat and back, and it has kind of a simultaneously-rough-and-smooth feel to it. I’ll be honest, it wigs me out a little bit.

The wheels have got big letter Xs built into them so the spinning looks extra-satisfying when you roll the wheelchair along the table. And I can’t believe I’m only just realizing it now, but Professor Xavier must have a pretty big ego to have gotten them to shape the spokes like that. I know it’s not a bicycle, but I still don’t think they’d be a very efficient design. That’s right Yotsuba, you push him outta there.


There are two pegs on the chair that plug into holes in Xavier’s back, a system I can only assume is an accurate representation of how people stay in wheelchairs in real life. They stop other figures sitting in the wheelchair quite as snugly as I’d like, but I thought the flipside might be that I could attach Revoltech limbs to Professor Xavier’s back. But they’re slightly too loose, so no such luck.


Xavier himself is kind of weird to have as an action figure. It looks really wrong to see him standing up outside of the wheelchair, even though as an action figure he’s of course capable of it. He’s actually super well articulated in the legs, with thigh swivels, double-knees, ankle swivels and rockers, and toe hinges. But I want him to always be posed sitting down, it feels sort of… disrespectful to stand him up. Like the disability equivalent of whitewashing a character. His limbs even look a bit weird when he’s standing; he has bizarrely balljointed hips that only look normal when he’s sitting down and his shoulders don’t tuck his arms into his torso closely enough, unless their rest position is on the arms of his chair. Which, y’know, it usually is.


His headsculpt is oddly feminine for Xavier, too. Thanks to Bryan Singer I automatically imagine him like Patrick Stewart, who doesn’t so much have the glossy lips, slender jaw and Hugo Weaving eyebrows. Although thanks to Matthew Vaughn I also automatically imagine him like James McAvoy, so I guess it works alright that way except for the baldness. All five fingers are articulated as one piece, which means you can get some great Gene-Wilder-Willy-Wonka-meme poses out of him.

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