Robert and I both went into Pacific Rim expecting it to suck. We walked out of the cinema agreeing it was easily the best film of the year, and quite possibly our favourite film in years. I really wanted to get the NECA toy of Striker Eureka, and the Kaiju that attacks Sydney if they ever make a toy of it. Whelp, I missed the preorders, and Robert ended up getting Gipsy Danger because he was more proactive and life’s not fair.

So anyway, with that in mind, I went through and dug out Depthcharge from the Revenge of the Fallen toyline. With his angular head, his wide heavy hands, his bulky chest and spoiler-finned shoulder cannons… he looks perfectly like a cross between a Jaeger robot and one of the Kaiju they fight. I already liked this toy but now my enjoyment of it has retroactively shot up about five thousand percent.

This is one of those Bayformer designs that was clearly too good to appear in any of the movies. The design is all molded detail and tiny sculpted robotic parts everywhere, but not in a big mess, and areas are left sparse and (relatively) flat where they need to be to balance it out, like on the shoulders and torso. The head is a bit insect-like and has Sydney Opera House stripes painted on it, but this just serves to make it simultaneously more Kaiju-y and Jaegerish respectively.

You might notice that the legs are reversed on mine. I did that back when I first got Depthcharge, and I stand by my decision (pun notwithstanding, do ho ho). When the legs are the “correct” way around you can put him into a bizarre type of half-transformed “Battle Mode”, which I have not bothered to picture here because it is super lame. It also means he has half of the front of a boat for each leg in robot mode, which looks kind of sucky. Especially when you consider what you get when you reverse them! Just pop them off the ball joint and swap them over (the transformation isn’t altered at all by doing this), and suddenly he’s wearing parachute pants and disco boots. WHO WOULD NOT CHOOSE THAT OPTION. You could have a giant transforming robot wearing robotic parachute pants and disco boots. What a time to be alive.


His transformation is basic but fun, and Depthcharge has a pretty mean boat mode too. He doesn’t have a curved boat-shaped underside; instead it just cuts off flat, making him look like he’s floating half in my desk. The sculpted details really shine in boat mode too, especially on the front end (which splits and becomes his parachute pants). It even has some articulation, too – the shoulder guns end up on the back of the boat, and they’re on ball joints. So you can angle them any way you want, which is kinda cool.

He’s only a deluxe size, so there aren’t really any kaiju toys he can reasonably fight in his scale. ACTUALLY NO WAIT, of course, Revoltech Gamera! Gamera is quite possibly my favourite kaiju of all time, and while I’d love a MonsterArts of him, I am very font of the Revoltech. But he’s pretty small for a giant turtlemonster! He’s dwarfed by MonsterArts King Kong and the Revoltech Evas, so he’s needed someone to fight for ages. They’re pretty much perfect wrestling buddies.

depthcharge3versusgameraMy notes for this photo just said “mad suplexing”.

I had remembered incorrectly (until I looked it up for this review, damn it all) that Depthcharge was part of the Hunt for the Decepticons sub-line. Which is really frustrating, because Hunter Depthcharge would have been the perfect Jaeger name for him.